Film Review 58: Deck The Hall

I’m watching this show because I’ve promised to review more Christmas movies and I hate to not fulfil my own words. This is a pretty lousy choice of flick but it could have been worse.

One look at the title, you know Deck The Hall is definitely a Christmas movie. It is actually made for TV screening in 2006. I get the impression that TV movie is the kind of movie that people are not willing pay to watch, which simply means it is not very good. Deck The Hall is an example but it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

The story about two neighbours who are at loggerheads and fighting against each other doesn’t sound very interesting. If anything, I hate watching on-screen arguments which go on and on throughout the film. I watch film to be entertain, to learn something and not to look at people arguing over matters that I couldn’t care less about. Fortunately, the otherwise-horrendous film is salvaged by great lead actors, Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick. They are very entertaining and fun to look at. The ending is pretty good too. Although it’s unrealistic but I guess we can say that it illuminates the magic of Christmas, if there’s such thing.

Mel says: 3/10

Don’t bother watching Deck The Hall. I recommend my two favourite Christmas movies: Home Alone 1 and Love Actually. I heard The Holiday (2006) is pretty good but I haven’t watched it. :( Such a shame for a movie junkie like me.


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