One Step Forward, Two Steps.

Hi Everyone,

This is my first greeting in 2010.
I hope the new year has been treating you guys well. :)

A little update about me:
I have been watching quite a number of movies but haven’t been reviewing. lol. I’ve also taken massive interest in editing photographs as a hobby, not professionally. For someone who loves to travel, the next best thing to a great company is a great camera and having editing skill is a bonus. Now I just need to go out and travel to capture some great sights.

What have you guys been up to?
I had a feeling that 2010 would be an awesome year. I hope it’s true.
No matter what, i have to declare “I LOVE 2010!” :D
It might be too little early to say but we should always start a year with enthusiasm and optimism, eh?

Talk to you soon.

Yours kindly,


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One response to “One Step Forward, Two Steps.

  1. Andy

    hope u doing well there imel!! miss u..!

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