Film Review 60: Maria Full of Grace

One really big problem for someone like me in keeping a blog is the lack of discipline. I’ve kept this entry as draft since weeks ago but never got around to write anything worth posting until now (I hope to get this posted by today!).

It’s been a while since I watched a movie that is as compelling as Maria Full Of Grace. It’s a Colombian-American film about 17-year-old Maria Avarez (Catalina Sandino Moreno) who battles her way to freedom. The movie begins in Colombia with Maria working/slaving in a rose plantation. She works hard only to have most of her paycheck taken by her family to support her sister’s baby daughter. Maria loves her niece but she hates the fact that her family is putting the burden on her to earn for someone else’s living. To add to the frustration, she finds out that she is pregnant to someone she doesn’t love and at work, her boss accuses her of being lazy when she is feeling ill. Unable to stand her situation, she decides to quit her job and go to capital city, Bogota, to look for a new job and, perhaps, life. On her way there, she meets a man who offers her a job as a drug mule from Colombia to New York. Being desperate for money, she accepts the offer and embarks on a journey that takes her within an inch of death but she finally picks up courage and break free from all to gain her freedom and life.

This movie is a great eye-opener. There are thousands of drug mules who swallow pellets of drugs to cross from country to country. Becoming a mule is probably a fast way to earn bags of cash, but it also means opening ourselves, along with our loved ones, to death. You’re either richer or dead. The tagline of this movie reads “Based on 1000 true stories” and I believe that’s not an exaggeration. But the question is, how many mules could finally break free like Maria?

Maria Full of Grace is definitely the movie to watch.

Mel says: 8.8/10


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