Let’s see if the title makes you read the following

Whenever I stare blankly at something, count to three and my mind will wonder off. Nothing compels me to post an entry today so I’m just going to stare at this blank page and see what I come up with. Three seconds from now.

Maybe I overestimated myself. Three seconds apparently don’t get me anywhere, but hey, that’s a thought. Not amusing enough but at least I’m writing. Do I sound bored or worse, like a boring person? I don’t think being boring is necessarily bad. Trust me there’s nothing boring about being boring. Oh gosh this is turning into a boring, lame-o, torturous entry! I’m even feeling sorry that you’re reading this.

I don’t see myself as a bore but if I start listing down the things I love doing, you’d probably have a different say, unless we are alike. Enough, let’s talk about something interesting. What kind of people, in your opinion, is interesting?

My favourite cereal!

I think people who pour milk into a bowl before the cereals are very interesting. I always pour cereals before milk and it never crossed my mind to do it in the reverse order… until now… I’ll try it first thing in the morning. Wonder how it’ll taste like. I like my cereals a little soggy but still crunchy. I hate leftover milk because then I will have to pour more cereals and left with too much cereals, pour more milk, too much milk, pour more cereals and the cycle goes on until my tummy screams: “STOP!! I’M GOING TO BURST!!”. Okay, no one wants to know about my cereals. I should stop here before I waste anymore of your time.

If you are reading, I’m glad you survived my nonsensical thought. I shall be back with film review on the next post and a more sensible writing after that.
Till then, take care!



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2 responses to “Let’s see if the title makes you read the following

  1. Ha, oddly enough I enjoyed reading this. You’re right, people who pour milk into a bowl before the cereal are very interesting. Sadly i’m not one of those. I hate it when cereal gets soggy, and in terms of leftover milk, haven’t you ever just drank it? Not directly from the bowl of course, but with a spoon?

    On a side note, those Fruit Pebbles look tasty. Are they anything like lucky charms? Actually, they look nicer.

    • mel

      Hi Michael!
      no i havent drank the leftover milk before. kinda a waste to just have it without cereal. lol. maybe im just greedy. u should really try those fruity pebbles. they taste really good and the colours make me happy. :D

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