TV Review 2: Ugly Betty Season 3 & 4

I was severely addicted to Ugly Betty two years ago (I lost precious sleep and woke up with headache for few mornings). But I sobered up as school work started to suck the life out of me and now that I’m holiday, I decided to continue watching again. What better way to redeem your life than to watch your favourite series, ey? Sshhhh. That’s a rhetorical question.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve seen the first two seasons or not. The story is easy to pick up where it left off. Also, there’s a long “previously on Ugly Betty…” introduction at the start of season 3 which summarizes the previous seasons. The story in season 3 begins with Betty’s return from her enlightening trip in Rome to Manhattan, feeling extremely enthusiastic and optimistic about her future. Unfortunately, as soon as she steps into Mode she’s greeted with daunting news that her boss, Daniel, no longer works for Mode and now manages a playboy magazine instead. On the other hand, Wilhelmina’s schemes to takeover Mode looks promising with Daniel off-board and Bradford’s baby on its way. But of course there are more twists as the story goes. Season 3 is where all the dramas and tension builds up with Daniel falling in love with his friend’s fiancé, Meade’s bankrupcy, Betty’s new boyfriend, Henry’s visit to Manhattan, etc. On the other hand, season 4 is intense and a little less entertaining but because it’s the last season, I persevere till the end.

As compare to the previous two seasons, the story in season 3 and 4 develops slower with more intensity as the characters make decisions with direct impacts on other characters. In these two seasons, all the casts take turns to be on the spotlight with their life ups and downs, even Papi who meets someone after he had a heart attack. The equal attention on everyone illuminates the fact that despite the vast difference in appearance, Betty and the rest of the characters are just like each other, humans with problems and in need of solutions. The problems, especially love-related ones, bring out the different side of the characters; the good side of the baddies and the not-so-good side of the goodies.

Betty's transformation

Then in season 4, the fabulous goes less glamorous (for a while) and the ugly Betty gradually becomes less conspicuous in her toned-down colours and more radiant with achievements. But deep down she’s still the same Betty… with different wardrobe and no bangs! She takes off her braces later in the episodes and even ditches her old glasses for a better pair (No contact lenses sadly).

True. Betty’s life is cut short by the TV station due to the poor rating but it doesn’t mean that Ugly Betty season 3 and 4 is bad. Ugly Betty is the kind of light series that is delightful to watch but not strong enough to make audiences stay at home and wait on its broadcast every week but that’s exactly what works for me. I love watching TV series but I want to avoid getting so hooked that I can’t do else things but to keep watching just to beat the curiosity of what happen next. Having said that, I was hooked on Betty but it was out of pure pleasure, not curiosity. It’s such a shame that they cancelled the show. Nonetheless the ending of season 4 is pleasantly acceptable so yeah, you should check Betty out!

Mel says: B (Average score for both seasons)

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