Don’t mention THAT.

Sometimes, in a middle of a conversation with a friend, he/she touches on something that happened in the past and you go “Don’t mention that!” Have you had that kind of conversation? I’m sure most of you had.

My guess is, that is either something embarrassing or a kind of twisted encounter. Either way, since you’d rather not mention it, it’s probably something you wished had not happened. But as much as you wish it hadn’t happened,… deep (really have to dig deep) in your heart, you’re kinda glad or at least understood why it did, because it makes you the way you are.
Am I beginning to get to you? Or am I just talking to myself?

Every wrong turn you took make you realized the right turn and every unplanned encounter you had would be a new revelation. (You realized I’m writing in past tense, that’s to show that I’m not encouraging any mistakes but if it already happened then there must be something to gain out of them.). It’s funny how a situation which seemed to ambush and crushed you to defeat becomes a lesson which will bring many triumphs ahead. All you need to do is to get through the initial post-event reaction. And how can you tell that you’ve passed through the transition of emotion derived from the event? It’s when you start to talk about it or write about it or maybe, post a blog about it. You don’t necessarily have to tell anyone. It’s a conclusion you reached with yourself.

Being cool with one of those moments you wish not to be brought up doesn’t mean you’re going to want to talk about it, but you wouldn’t mind if it comes up in a right conversation. As far as I’m concerned if anyone asks “so, what is that?”, my answer would sound something like this post’s title. Cheers!



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2 responses to “Don’t mention THAT.

  1. neztin

    i always enjoy reading ur non-movie-review posts :) as i find the entries are more closer to the heart. if u find the excuses not convincing enough, im plainly jusyt not a movie person =P

    If this is facebook, i would have “like” this post many many times! Look forward to seeing more of your thoughts.

    Cant wait for u to be back in sg :D

    Au revoir

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