Bali Travel Journal part 2: What a Beach!

When my brother and his fiancée told me they are going to Bali for their pre-wedding photo shoot, I couldn’t pass the chance to getaway and my sister who recently started a photography business with her boyfriend wanted to scout for photo shoot locations, so we decided to tag along.

We arrived in Bali at 5pm local time. My brother’s friends picked us up at the airport and gave a lift to the hotel. For dinner, we tried Balinese cuisine, Ayam Betutu, at a local restaurant nearby. After that my bro’s friends gave us a brief night tour around town before driving us back to the hotel.

The real tour begins on the second day when we hired a chauffeur-cum-tour guide. My sister wanted to scout for nice beaches so we requested a one day Beach Tour. Here’s our itinerary for that day!

1st destination – NUSA DUA BEACH

We started the day with Nusa Dua Beach which was only 10 minutes drive from where we stayed. The beach is famous for its water activities, including Scuba Diving and Walking Underwater. We didn’t want to stay too long at one place, so I tried on Parasailing which took about 15 minutes only. I’ve parasailed in Pattaya, Thailand many years ago but this is definitely way more exciting as I flew higher up the skies. Take note, although the beach patron will show you a price list, you can bargain for a huge discount and of course, it’ll be better if you speak the local language.

It's a bird! No it's a plane! No it's... just me.

Being a local, I paid about a third of the price stated for parasailing and later on, the patron offered me Scuba diving for Rp350,000 when the stated price was USD 80 (about Rp 720,000). Unfortunately, time was scarce so I turned down the offer but I would really like to scuba dive on my next visit.

2nd Destination – KUTA BEACH

Kuta Beach is known as The Heart of Bali and is probably the busiest and the most famous tourist destination in the island. We visited here the night before and I could testify that this is one area in Bali that never sleeps. You could spend the day on the beach and night partying in several clubs in the area or you could walk into any pub, bar or bistro to chill out and enjoy the ambience. While walking along the crowded Kuta district, I couldn’t help thinking the people’s reaction when the first Bali bomb blasted in this area in 2002. It must have shaken the people. To think that someone would plan such inhumane attack on innocent tourists is just appalling. On a positive note, fortunately the explosion happened before midnight or else more lives would have been lost. Anyway, Kuta has fully recovered from the blow and it’s good to see the livelihood of the district. There are heaps of tourists from all over the world, all who seemed to be having fun.

3rd Destination – TANAH LOT

Tanah Lot is renowned for its beautiful Pura (Hindu temple) on the rocks and breathtaking sunset view. We didn’t watch the sunset here due to time constrain and our chauffeur/tour guide, Mr. Sudan, said that sunset at Uluwatu is equally beautiful. The tide was pretty high when we went here, so we couldn’t cross the water to get to the Pura which is few hundred meters away from dry ground, but it was a beautiful sight from where we stood.

The temple on rocks

4th Destination – DREAMLAND

My sister read about Dreamland from a website. It is a well-known beach but not in massive scale such as Kuta or Nusa Dua beaches. We reached Dreamland about 2 p.m. and the sun was scorching mad. The beach was beautiful but it wasn’t exceptional, hence wasn’t really worth the travel. Not to mention we had to walk down gravel road to get to the beach.

The beach looks dreamy but...

Mr. Sudan told us that Dreamland is owned by ex-Indonesian president’s son, Tommy Soeharto, and (self)declared to be the new Kuta in terms of popularity. Tommy builds a hotel by the beach called New Kuta Hotel as a proclamation of his vision. However, I think Dreamland still has a very long way to go to fit into the title.

To Be Continued….


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