Bali Travel Journal part 3: Beauty and The Beach

5th Destination – PADANG PADANG

wonder where it'll take me to

I was very much intrigued by Padang Padang. First, the entrance to the beach was fascinating. We had to climb down the hidden stairs between two cliffs that leads to the beach. It felt like entering a secret, magical beach! Padang Padang received a lot of attention for being the shooting location of Hollywood movie Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts which was filmed quite recently. The beach was kept inaccessible to the public for a month for the film shoot. I can’t wait to watch the movie and tell my friends that I’ve been to that beach. Lol. Anyway, I love the fun and friendly crowd on this beach. I guess that’s because everyone seemed to come with a purpose, be it sun-tanning, relaxation or sight-seeing, etc, so there weren’t many onlookers and people could really enjoy themselves here. Here, you’re in for a good time.

6th Destination – BLUEPOINT

I would say Bluepoint is a “Surfers’ Paradise” but then again, I’m not a surfer so it could be an overstatement. The beach is located away from the crowded part of Bali and it’ll probably be expensive to travel here by Taxi. Rent a car or motorcycle. There’s a hotel next to the beach but it wouldn’t be recommended unless you are in Bali to surf.

Stairways to Heaven on Earth

One thing for sure; you’ve got to be fit to go to this beach. You have to walk down to the beach which includes climbing down steep stairs with no handle. But once you reached the beach, you’ll see it’s worth the risk. It felt so refreshing to dip my feet in the cold water on that sizzling day.

Get ready to capture the sunset

You can also enjoy wonderful view of the sunset from a wooden porch on the rocks. That if you are willing to climb the narrow, decrepit and somewhat slanted wooden stairs to get to the porch. I noticed lots of professional surfers here and I met a surfer whose arm was bleeding pretty badly because he hit the rock. Bluepoint is not for the faint-hearted or elderly but when you’ve seen the beautiful sight, you’ll forget about the life-threatening experiences and go home with only good memories of Bluepoint.

7th Destination – ULUWATU

Uluwatu is regarded as one of six most important temples in Bali and before entering the temple, my sister and I were given a piece of garment each to cover the lower part of our body as a form of respect. Just a little warning, before entering the temple, it’s good to advisable to remove your jewelry, scarfs, hats or hair bands. It’s nothing to do with religion but stepping into Uluwatu means stepping into the monkeys’ territory, mischievous monkeys who eagerly wait to snatch any items they could when they caught you off-guard. If your things were snatched, give the monkey food to barter back your item. In most cases, there are local kids stationed at every corner. They are trained to retrieve snatched items and then asked the owners for a small sum of money to “buy” back their items. It’s quite an annoying way to earn from tourists but just think of it as a small price to pay for a good laugh. Besides the monkeys, Uluwatu is known for its daily traditional Balinese dance, Kecak, performance. We chose to watch the sunset at 6.15p.m instead of watching the dance performance. Such as shame the sun was hidden behind the clouds so we couldn’t get a proper view of the sunset. Oh well, next time perhaps. The good news is the sea was particularly beautiful that day according to Mr. Sudan.

8th Destination – JIMBARAN

This may sound stupid to some but… In my hometown there’s a well-known seafood restaurant called Jimbaran and when everyone who’s been to Bali told me that I have to try out Jimbaran, I pictured it to be the central branch of the restaurants chain which means everything would be the same as other “Jimbaran” but with tastier, original flavor. So when Mr. Sudan took us to Jimbaran, I was surprised that the restaurant was empty. It was until the waiter showed us “out” to our seats then I realized the situation.
Jimbaran is not a restaurant. It is a cove with a long stretch of restaurants along the shore. How to differentiate the good restaurants from the not-so-goods? Look where the crowd’s at. The restaurant we went to was clearly the latter. It’s weird that the restaurants next to us were so alive, while ours was noiseless except for the sound of the waves and band playing at another restaurant, which made me wish I was at the other restaurant even more. We concluded that Mr. Sudan probably gets “agent fee” from the restaurant he took us to. To cut story short, the food was alright (not better than my imaginary Jimbaran) and it was overpriced but apart from taking occasional jealous glances at other restaurants, I quite enjoyed myself here. Perhaps the sound of the gentle waves and the stars helps to make up for the bad. I would recommend having a meal at Jimbaran but choose the restaurant wisely. One more thing; be careful when ordering fish for dinner. The sky is dark and with no proper lighting, you could choke on a fish bone.

To be continued…


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  1. Bali is wonder full island

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