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Hello Dusty! I’ve missed you much. :)

My eldest sister is getting married in about 1 day 6 plus hours… I’m so excited for this most anticipated event of the year! (A tie with my bro’s wedding coming up in Oct). Some of my relatives are in town to attend the wedding and I’ve been pretty occupied acting as their tour guide. It’s a good kind of busyness but I still have other things pile up, oh no! Nonetheless, it’s good to sneak off my packed schedule to write here! :)

The banner done my uber talented sister for her holy matrimony.

So what have I been up to? Hmm… My sis’ hen’s night is probably the most interesting thing that happened recently. There were 18 girls, including my sis, and a stripper! He’s a real professional and a charmer with thick Australian accent. I love accent ’cause it gives away one’s background without having to ask.

I gotta go now. :( Will drop by again soon. Maybe not for a review yet, but a little chat with you.

My Blog. My Escapade.


P.S: Visit my sister’s wedblog for wedding ideas!



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2 responses to “Dusty The Blog

  1. Hey Whats up, I’m a new Reviewer, just started reviewing moviews, you think you can give me, a couple of pointers? See what Im doing wrong? Btw Like all of your reviews, lots of personality


  2. Winston Hellen

    Love your blog as always!

    A fan from http://www.welovelaughkiss.wordpress.com

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