Film Review 62: Penelope

It’s been a looooong while! I’ll start the reviews going again with this. ;)

Penelope, named after the lead character, is a sweet fairytale about a girl who is cursed with pig snout, locked away in her palatial home while scouting for one of her own kind, presumably a blue blood, who will marry her and break the family curse.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or movie professor to guess how the movie’s going to end. The story might sound too whimsical or mundane but it’s one of the most enjoyable contemporary fairytales thus far (much credit goes to the handsomely rugged “Prince Charming” acted by James McAvoy!).

I could think of a few ways that could make Penelope a more successful film, like increasing the complexity of the story, creating more competent villains or casting less-pretty newcomer instead of Christina Ricci. She has such beautiful facial features (big mesmerizing eyes!) that make her synthetic pig nose seems rather trivial, and so there isn’t any problem with Penelope to begin with and this movie should never even have been made, but of course I’m glad it was made. Penelope is cool and amusing to watch. You can ignore the little flaws and just be entertained. To top that, Reese Witherspoon, James McAvoy, Catherine O’hara and Richard E.Grant are perfect for their roles.

What curse??

Simple flick, straightforward plot, good acting, charming actor and …. yes, charming actor. Sorry, I can’t seem to get over McAvoy’s cuteness in this flick.

isn't he such as a sweet looking guy?

Grab some popcorn and enjoy this movie! :)
Mel Says: 6.8/10


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  1. echo

    wah abis ntn lgs di review yah… cepet sekali km hehe…

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