Film Review 63: Eulogy

It’s a been a really long while since I last blogged and the reason is like usual; schoolwork or rather my poor time management. Anyway, I’m on study break now (Yay!). I know I’m supposed to be studying but you know what I’m like.

I’ve never heard of Eulogy, neither did I have a clue what’s the movie’s about but when I heard Zooey Deschanel’s narration at the start of the film, I was immediately drawn to it.

The movie starts out with Kate (Zooey Deschanel) walking towards a stranger’s house to break a bad news and then it flashes back to the beginning of the story. The story begins with the news of her grandfather’s death that leads the family to reunite for the funeral. Once you see everyone in the family, you’ll know it’s not going to be an ordinary reunion. First there’s Kate’s father (Hank Azaria), a child actor turns porn star. Then there’s Uncle Skipper (Ray Romano) and his bawdy twin sons. Also, the incessant talker Aunt Alice (Debra Winger) with her husband and kids who, on the contrary to her, appear to be mute. Last but not least, Aunt Lucy (Kelly Preston) and her partner (Famke Janssen) to add onto the mess. When you put those characters together, you get a dysfunctional family that brings laughter in places you shouldn’t.

The dysfunctional family portrait

I like the movie but if I wouldn’t want to watch it a second time. Most of the entertainment comes from the casts (by the way the movie is quite surprisingly stars-studded) who acted well according to the characters portrayed. The storyline is questionable especially with the fact that it centres around the death of a really annoying and egoistic man but Rip Torn who plays the dead man brings more laughter to audiences. Somehow I get the feeling the movie could have gotten a lot worse but thanks to the quirky characters, it’s easy to get by with laughter.

Personally I prefer British film Death At Funeral which has the same story concept. Nonetheless, Eulogy is a good movie to stumble upon.

Mel says: 6/10


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