Hello, it’s my first entry of the year! :D
I realised I’ve been missing for a way-too-long time. For those who still care to drop by my blog from time to time, thank you for having faith in me. I pinky promise you to blog more often. lol

Today’s Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful day with loved ones. :) As for myself, the fact that I choose to blog today after the disappearing act could only mean one thing; either I’m about to excitedly share the details on how I spent vday with my loved one or I’m single. Unfortunately (yep, you’ve guessed it) it’s the latter. A friend told me I’m the kinda of girl who is too capable of doing everything on my own that it makes a guy feels unneeded. Maybe it’s true but it got me thinking… every woman needs a man, even those who can do without. Having said that, relationship status doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy! :)

Well, in any case, I wish all of you love. <3

Here's a little music for vday!

and a classic song that is still relevant to this day…

P.S: I'm sorry you might have to click on the links to see the vids due to copyrights issue.



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