A Series of (Un)Fortunate Events

I just celebrated my birthday few days ago. If you remember, I once blogged about the exciting events that happened on my birthdays. This year it’s a little special and definitely memorable… Here’s a list of what happened:

On the eve of my birthday, my toilet bowl broke down and the flush couldn’t work. The next morning, I woke up to a beautiful birthday morning till I saw a HUGE cockroach crawling on my bedroom wall. It was quite a chaotic albeit brief scene when my sis’ boyfriend tried to kill the roach, search for the carcass and dispose it to the bin. When everyone has left the room, I tried to rearrange the furniture and accidentally shoved my full-body mirror. Gasped! It fell flat on the floor. I broke a mirror. 7 years of bad luck according to the superstition. I’m not superstitious though and I just cleaned it up, stepped on a small broken piece of mirror and then went off to school to sit for my exam. Yes, the first day of exam falls on my birthday :s The paper was a killer! *bang head on the table*. After exam, I went to meet my housemates and had pork ribs soup for dinner. The waitress who poured the soup on my bowl was a small-sized lady and she unintentionally splashed the soup on my new pants. Grreeeaaaattt. Then we headed to watch a stand up comedy show…. It was pleasant. A little too vulgar but alright…I guess?

That sums up my series of unfortunate event on my birthday. I told my friends about it yesterday while they were doing a belated b’day celebration for me… lo and behold, a chunk of chocolate cake fell unto my pants! the same new pants! That pants went straight to the washing machine after.

Good birthdays are those that you can remember and I reckon with the series of unfortunate events, I will certainly recall this year’s birthday. So it’s a good birthday after all. :)

Cheers and thanks everyone!

My birthday cake baked by Ginny (Roselaner)


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