Towards the crossroad

I’ll be graduating this year. YAY! That is if everything goes as planned. While studying for my upcoming test, I began to wonder what I will be doing after the year ends. There are few options…

Option A:
Look for job and hopefully secure a position right after my graduation. That means, settling in the country I currently reside for another few years or indefinitely.

Option B:

You know, I don’t think there really are that many options actually. Initially I thought I could go on and pursue a Master degree elsewhere but I think I’d rather hold that thought. The best scenario for me would be to work for 2 years and then apply for Master Degree in a subject that I truly have interest in.

Well, I don’t know. Que Sera Sera.

A job in film/journalism/media/branding would be ideal, or maybe I could be my own boss.

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