6 Types of Relationship Risks

For those who didn’t know, I’m a marketing major. I don’t usually pay attention in class unless the lesson attracts me. The thing is I have an active and creative mind (at least I’d like to think so). Like when my lecturer talked about 6 types of risks that people consider before purchasing a product, my mind immediately related it to “finding partner” issue. Trust me, most marketing concepts and theories are more interesting when applied to daily life situations.

If you are in the process of considering a guy/girl to be your lover, you might want to consider the following 6 types of risks:

1. Functional risk.
Will the prospect boyfriend/girlfriend performs his/her duty as a lover? Will the prospect act in accord to what you expect of a lover? e.g. provide companion, pay for your food, give hugs and kisses, etc.

2. Physical risk.
Will the prospect cause harm to you? Does he/she has violent nature?

3. Social risk.
Will the prospect cause embarrassment to you? It could be something to do with his behaviour, fashion sense, speech or looks. (but try not to judge a person by his/her looks!)

4. Time risk.
Is it a good decision to be in the relationship now or should you wait for a better timing? Will he be dishearten if you make him wait?

5. Financial risk.
We all know that relationship is an emotional investment but we often overlook that it also requires financial investment. If you are a man, chances are your expenditure will increase. If you are a woman, the relationship can affect your financial health positively or negatively depending on your prospect.

6. Psychological risk.
In building a relationship, there will be emotional turmoil, ups and downs, etc. Ask yourself, is it a wise decision to be with the person in question? Is he/she worth the risks?

Take risk for worthy cause.

Remember: The higher the risks, the more likely the relationship will fail, so make a wise choice. But of course, ultimately listens to what your heart says ’cause sometimes it knows best. :)




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2 responses to “6 Types of Relationship Risks

  1. ginny

    But the higher the risk, the higher the return/ payout.

    • mel

      but in this case, sometimes high risk can result in no payout and huge investment loss. relationship is trickier than the market! but high risk can have high return too.. ;)

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