In Google We Trust

I’m so dependent on Google to solve my day-to-day’s problems. These are some of the things I’ve googled:

How to fix a broken bathroom doorknob
I still wonder why I included the word “bathroom” in the search, not as if it’s any different from bedroom’s doorknob or any other places’.

How to calculate investment periods using casio financial calculator
I just googled this few mins ago while studying for Business Finance test. At this minute, I’m supposed to be studying instead of writing this.

What is the song that has sapphire sapphire in the lyrics
The real lyrics was “Sophia, Sophia” from the song Sophia by Nerina Pallot. Surprisingly, there are google believers who heard the same wrong lyrics and thus I managed to find the song. Go Google!

What to do if my girlfriend did not pick up my phone
I had a minor argument with the guy and he asked me to google this out of sarcasm, and I actually did it out of curiosity.

Hurricane Imelda, Disaster Imelda
I wanted to find out if there is any disaster named after my name. No, there isn’t… yet.

What do you called the toy on top of wedding cake
The answer is topper. Thanks Google!

How to find the history of things i’ve googled
This was done a second ago ’cause I can’t remember them all.

I practically rely on Google for my assignments, spelling check and all other random stuffs. Sometimes I wonder if Google helps to increase our knowledge or does it cause our generation to be reliant and lazy?
I’m so tempted to google that question.

Anyway, so what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever googled? :)

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One response to “In Google We Trust

  1. Asa

    Lol Imelda!!! DOn’t worry for generation :)) 1million years ago ppl had to go to forest hunt animals, make the fire by wood and eat by hands! Do u feel guilty for calling fast food home now hahaha

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