Melbourne Day 1

I reached Melbourne Airport on schedule at 8.30 a.m. My friends were already waiting at the arrival hall. Unfortunately, due to the inefficiency of Melbourne immigration, they had to wait for another 2 hours before seeing me. The immigration queue was so long and there were only two counters. I cursed under my breath and recalled how I encountered the same problem that almost caused me to miss a connecting flight in Christchurch. The Oz and Kiwis are known to be the most laid back people, but they should seriously speed up. Nonetheless despite the bumpy start I had fun in Melbourne. :) Here’s how my days went!


1. Lunch at Yami Yami (Korean food), Lonsdale Street.
The restaurant is formerly known as Flying Chicken and has just recently changed its name and menu. The dishes are good and fairly large portion. I like the Galbee (beef ribs) most.

huge portion!

2. La Belle Miette, Hardware Lane
Before I came to Melbourne I did a little research and this was one of the thing on my list of places to go. La Belle Miette is a small shop at Hardware Lane that specializes in Macaroons. I bought two macaroons, earl grey and cherry blossoms and sake, for $2.50 each. They are so amazingly delicious! Best macaroon I’ve ever tasted.

Small, pretty shop

3. Federation Square
I arrived just in time for the Greek festival. There was Greek dance performance and other street performance. Inside the building there was a bazaar, selling lots of artsy crafts. I really enjoyed looking at all the stuff there. It’s really interesting and I could really sense that I was in a foreign land. Where I come from, people hardly have time for arts and cultures. Sad truth. Here I could feel the vibrancy of them or maybe I just came at the right time.

Just in time for Greek festival at fed square

4. Planetshakers Church
I am a Christian. My best friend in Melbourne attended the biggest church in Melbourne called Planetshakers, so I took the opportunity to visit the church. It was an awesome church. I must admit I was pretty tired because I hadn’t sleep for the previous 24 hours. Nonetheless the worship was good. I really like their worship and the fact that my best friend is devoted to that church means she must have felt God’s presence there.

5. Dinner at Cafe Corretto, Lygon St
There are many cafes and restaurants along the stretch of Lygon Street. I didn’t ask why my friends picked Cafe Corretto but I guess the restaurant is famous and definitely popular among F1 enthusiast. The whole restaurant is decorated with F1 merchandise and photos and there’s a Ferrari hanging from the ceiling. The food here is alright. We ordered 2 pastas and a large pizza to share. Both pastas are delicious but the pizza was a bad call.

The race car hanging from the ceiling


Seafood Pizza

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