Melbourne Day 2

During holiday I usually set my alarm at 9.30 a.m. and wake up at about 10.45 to 11 a.m. but my first day in Melbourne I woke up at 9 a.m. without alarm. My friends are early risers and perhaps because it’s coming into summer, the sky was already bright at 6 a.m.

1. Brunch at Three Bags Full, Nicholson St.
I’ve read about this restaurant but didn’t include it in my list because I thought it’s inconvenient to go to, yet it so happened that it’s one of the places that my friend wanted to take me to. She haven’t tried it either and have heard of the good reviews. I ordered the big breakfast and it literally is a big breakfast. The food was great at first but the portion was so huge I got sick of it. The mushrooms are a little blend. The bacon was lovely.

big breakfast

2. Walked along Bridge Road, Richmond.
This area is for shoppers and bargain hunters. There are lots of factory outlets and Australian brand stores here. You might have noticed I’m more of an eater than a shopper, but most of the clothes were selling at reasonable price so I was looking around for something nice. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything of my size. Should have known. (p.s: I’m a wee Asian girl)

3. Europa Cake Shop at St Kilda Beach
We took the tram all the way to St Kilda beach! First we stopped by Europa Cake Shop and shared a cake. It’s a small shop selling wide variety of cakes. The cake tasted good until we saw a bird flew into the shop’s cake display area. We lost our appetite. Good thing we had eaten 80% of the cake. It’d be a shame to waste that delicious piece of cake.

cakes on display

4.St Kilda Beach
We came on the right day. The weather was fine and the beach was not crowded. We stayed there for a couple of hours, enjoying the peacefulness and observing people on the beach. I love the warm sun and cool breeze.

5. Dinner at Mamasita, Colin St
Mamasita is supposedly a very popular Spanish restaurant that you have to wait in a long line to get in. We managed to beat the crowd and secured our seats right away, though I wasn’t too pleased about them squeezing the 4 of us into 3 seats. Aside from that, the service crew were really friendly and helpful. We kicked off our meal with Elotes callejero or chargrilled corn which we later agreed is the best among the rest. Next we had Tostaditas and Quesadillas that weren’t much to our liking. Then we had pork fillet that was beautifully cooked and last, the dessert which I had no idea what it was but tasted decent. I would say the food isn’t exactly fantastic, yet the enthusiastic staffs and lively patrons will make me come back.

the corns at the back were wicked!

6. The toilet at The Sofitel
You might be wondering why I put a trip to a hotel’s toilet into the itinerary, but according to my friend this is the toilet with the best scenery in Melbourne. It’s located at the 36th or 38th floor, I can’ remember but true enough, you can see half of the city from there and it’s worth the special visit (Only if you are passing by the area).

View from the toilet

7. Crown, Southbank
We walked from city to Crown. Having spent the entire day walking, I was pretty exhausted when we arrived at Crown. Crown is one of the luxury hotels in Melbourne and it’s where the casino is. The casino is quite big, though not comparable to Macau or Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, and most of its patrons are Asians. There are Sex and The City slot machines which look so pretty!

We headed home by tram and hit the sack as soon.

That about wraps up the second day in Melbourne. My eyes are heavy right now and I might not do a good recount of the day… For the first two days in Melb, I had not immerse into the city life yet but it went uphill from there. :) Stay tune! cheers.


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