Melbourne Day 3

The longer I take to update this blog the blurrier the memories of Melbourne is. Yet, I still hold it fondly in my heart. I guess people sometimes forget the event but remember the feeling evoked from it.

Anyway, on the third day in Melbourne I visited the following:

1. Mount Dandenong
It is advisable to rent a car and come here but since none of us were any good driver, we took public transport; The train and the bus. Depending on your personality, I would/wouldn’t recommend it. The downside of public transport for our case was the train was schedule to head straight to Upper Ferntree Gully station but the train decided to switch route and long story short, we were stranded in Croydon Station. Fortunately there was a straight bus heading to the restaurant we wanted to visit but again, it took ages. So if you’re not the adventurous type just rent a car. If you are like me, public transports can be an adventure! :) Lucky for me, one of my friends is as good as a guide.

2. Miss Marples at Tourist Road, Mt Dandenong.
Almost every tourist that I know come all the way up the mountain to visit this restaurant. It looks like an old building with a very homey feeling. We had to wait for 20 minutes to get our seats and the staffs weren’t the friendliest, the food was ordinary (except for the homemade jam that was luvly jubbly!). I’m not sure what exactly makes the restaurant so famous, especially when my friend said there’s a better restaurant a little up the hill. However, the warmth of the restaurant and the ambience were nice. I really like it there. Plus there’s a little tea store next to it which any tea connoisseur shouldn’t miss.

Miss Marples and the little tea shop next door

my choice: cottage pie

4. Sky High, Mt Dandenong
If you’ve come all the way up, you should go to the top of the mountain to visit the Sky High. There’s not much there but if you come on the right day you can visit the maze which was closed when we came due to impending rain. The main attraction for us was the giant chair! It literally is a giant chair.

us on the giant chair!

View from above

5. Rose Garden, Elizabeth Street.
We headed back to the city after that trip. The trip took approximately 3 hours to go up and 2 hours to come back. First stop in the city was a place that tops my best friend’s must-visit list, Rose Garden. Okay, just to be clear, there is neither rose nor garden in Rose Garden. It is a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant wasn’t like what I’ve imagined. We ordered two dishes, rice with green beans and pork ribs, to be shared. At the fist mouthful of green beans, I knew why my dearest friend loved that place so much. If you have Chinese blood in you, it’s quite impossible to hate the food! It was delicious and appeal just right to my taste bud.

as the Chinese says "Hao Chi!"

6. State Library of Victoria
Next, we walked to the State Library located at the centre of Melbourne city.

the view blocked by newly erected statue

I love the library. It is huge and so quiet and so many things to see and do. There are gallery, exhibition, chess room, etc. It’s basically like a little piece of wonderland. If I were living in Melbourne, you know where to find me on my free days. I just love the library. Period.

the gallery

reading hall

7.Koko Black, Lygon St.
After a long day of walked, we settled at Koko Black for a nice cup of hot chocolate on that windy day. It was a perfect way to end the day. The hot chocolate really helps to rid off the tiredness.

A cup of Belgium Hot Choc. C'est parfait.


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