I guess we did our best.

When a relationship ends it’s easy to put the blame on the other party.
Everyone will try to justify their own actions.
But I want to stop.

Within a week I’ve gone from extreme sadness, loneliness, devastated to complete rage, contempt, disregard and now I’m just too exhausted from the emotional rides. I need to stop and take time off.

I was dying right in front of your eyes but you didn’t see.
Every attempt to cry for help was met with anger.
Now I’m as good as dead.
But I need to revive ’cause life doesn’t stop there.
So I’m gonna move on and let go.
Doesn’t matter who is wrong or right.
Believing that both of us did our best.

So with this I wish you well.
If one day you want to be my friend again, let’s be friends.
If you chose not to, let it be your choice.
If you haven’t already known, the choice is always yours.

As stubborn as I’ve always been, I have nothing to apologize to you.
But I am sorry for not being able to stay by your side,
to spend our life together and to see where the road will lead us to.
I am sorry we had to end the way it did.
But I choose to believe it was for the better,
and one day you will find what you really love.

I wish you happiness. I always do.



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