New Year Resolution 2012

It’s 12 days into 2012 and I only got around to do my resolution. :s
Better late than never! Here’s my resolutions:

1. Relax and Rest. Literally just chilling.
2. Visit at least one city/country I’ve never been to.
3. Finish a book. Doesn’t have to get published but at least write one.
4. Get a job. SERIOUSLY! gotta start moving my ass now.
5. Visit my 400th restaurant. Currently I’m on 349th restaurant. That means I have 51 restaurants to go!
6. Watch my 900th film! which means I have to watch at least 67 films this year.
7. Maintain my weight. This will be a challenge since I’m gonna do a lot of eating, slacking and potato-couching. lol.

Okay that’s about it for now. 2012 Here I come! :DDDD

Sealed with love,


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