Melbourne Day 5

1. Lunch at Hien Vuong, Footscray.
We set out to visit the the Vietnamese community at Footscray. We had lunch at Hien Vuong, which wasn’t very delicious but I guess it’s because I am not a fan of Vietnamese food. After lunch we look around, visited the market which sells cheap fresh fruits and we also tried out Vietnamese glutinous rice that was more to my taste.

Sliced beef noodle

2. Olympic Doughnuts, Footscray Station.
Next to Footscray station, there’s a doughnut stand that you should try out! Personally, I like the doughnuts at Olympic Doughnut better that the famous one at Victoria Market.

3. Shrine of Remembrance at Birdwood Avenue.
After visiting Footscray, we made our way to the Shrine of Remembrance. It’s one of the must-visit places in Melbourne. Underground there’s a short presentation about the Shrine and its history which is very much worth watching. The Shrine was built in 1926 and I believe the commitee puts in lots effort to take care of the building. I’m quite amazed at how well-maintained it is.

The Shrine

4. King Domains Park
The park is located next to the Shrine. There’s botanical garden as well but the day was too chilly to have a nice walk in the park.

5. National Gallery of Victoria
This has got to be my favorite place in Melbourne! The National Gallery of Victoria is huge, free-admission except to the special exhibitions and you can practically spend the whole day here looking at the historical artifacts and the numerous paintings. They even have Pablo Picasso’s painting on display! I love the souvenir shop at the lobby which sells lots of fancy novelty items. Sadly I didn’t get anything from there because the Gallery was closing. There are two nice places for brunch and tea as well. The next time I visit Melbourne, I’ll be sure to come back here in the morning and stay till its closing time. We didn’t managed to view all the exhibits due to time constraint.

The most expensive painting in the gallery. cost 12 millions or so!

6. Dinner at Tsindos, Lonsdale Street
Tsindos is a Greek restaurant few steps away from where my friends live. It has a nice family setting and the food are gorgeous.

Dinner served!

7. Crazy Wings at Russell Street
One of my friends had been asking to go to this place for supper. I thought the chicken wings must be really good. We ordered four sticks of chicken wings. Two of them were the crazy wings. The other two sticks were alright and then I took a bite of the crazy wing… and I went crazy. It was bloody hot!! tears were running down and my eyeliner smudged with them. I could literally feel smoke in my breath. It was so hot I gulped down whole jug of water and I still needed something sweet to cool my tongue off. It was horrible!! Nonetheless if you like challenges you should visit this place. The worst kind of spicy I ever had! crazy fun.

Two of them are deadly


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