Melbourne Day 6

Agenda of the day was Brighton Beach!

1. Lunch at Fish Tank, Middle Brighton.
If you’re heading to the beach by train, it is advisable to stop at Middle Brighton Station and have a bite because there’s no restaurants or eateries at Brighton. Middle Brighton is a lot livelier and there are plenty of nice looking seafood restaurants here. We chose Fish Tank after doing research back home. I ordered classic fish and chips and Australian potato cake. My meal cost $9.90 which is really cheap as compared to authentic fish and chips in Asian country and it tasted better too!

fish and chips on the plate

2. Brighton Beach!
Feast your eyes with what I saw:

Pick your colors

what it looks like inside the house


patriotic owner

Colourful beach houses!

3. Block Arcade, Collins Street.
A heritage shopping building with classic interior. A nice place to visit and take photos. I took home the original Australian cake, vanilla slice, from Hopetoun Tea Room. My friend said the famous tearoom is always full and it was on that day. The cake was really good! It’s a custard cake, not too sweet, with fruit garnished on top. Yummy.

cakes on display!

9. Dinner at Pancake Dessert House, Bourke Street.
Every Asian students in Melbourne seems to have tried or frequently patronized this restaurant probably because the food portion is big and the price is alright too. If I were studying in Melbourne, I would be one of the frequent customers. It’s not fantastic but it tastes like home… or close to home.

Pork chop with egg


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