Too much caffeine.

Right now I have too much caffeine in my body and I can’t sleep.  So I’ve been tossing on my bed while making a mental list of things to do tomorrow.

1. Send 10 resumes. I’m waaaaayyyy behind my target.  I need to start earning to support my ballooned expenses!

2. Update my blog. again.

3. Re-polish my nails. I’ve just gotten this massive interest in nail polishing.

4. Clean the toilet. Cockroach found today!!! :s disgusting.

5. Eat good food. My friends have set the date. :)

It’s so annoying when your body is tired but your heart is pounding and you so want to sleep but can’t. I should really try to avoid caffeine now. I’m gonna try to sleep again now. Ciao! :)


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