An Account of My Morning

I woke this morning feeling like there’s a huge part of me that was gone. I hate mornings like today.

Recently I have woken up to all sorts of feelings, such as:

a) Extreme anger. Like curses running through my mind.
b) Emptiness. Like my bed is too big for one tiny me (it actually is too big).
c) Peace. Inexplicable calmness and contentment of life.
d) etc such as enthusiasm, heartache, gratitude, sadness…

Sometimes I go to sleep wondering what kind of feeling I would get in the morning. How am I feeling now? I’m okay… I have to be okay, right?

I spent my morning praying, reading and studying. I guess life is kinda simple but sometimes you just gotta take three deep breaths and brave through some situations. A hug would have been encouraging, but right now I will settle for a good romantic comedy movie and good food. I believe every, if not most, problem can be solved with a hug, good film, good food and a prayer.

Okay, I’m gonna get back to my job search now and start crossing off the list I made last night. Tata!

I wanna re-watch this! Gotta buy the DVD.


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