Melbourne Day 7

I’ve been putting off the Melbourne Travel Diary for way tooooo long. :s

On the 7th Day we headed to Mornington!

1. Fruit Picking at Blue Hills Berries Cherries.
If you’re heading to pick both cherries and berries, you should just visit the berries farm. We, the first-timers, headed to the cherries farm first paid $10 and then headed over to berries farm under the same management and had to pay another $10 when we could actually have picked both berries and cherries and the berries farm. Basically there’s only cherries at the cherries farm, and there are berries and cherries at the berries farm. Confusing, I know. I think I’m making it sounds much more complicated than it actually is. lol nonetheless visit the berries farm!! The fruits are so fresh and tasty. I ate so much cherries I got sick of them lol. You don’t get that many juicy cherries from where I come from.

Fresh Blackerries!

Take us home!

2. Lunch at The Long Table, Shoreham Road, Red Hill South.
This is an award winning semi fine-dine restaurant. I had a 2-course meal, entree and main. The entree was something tofu and it was awful. Tasted like a slimy, creamy tofu. However the main redeemed itself! I chose chinese glazed duck which was fantastic. So overall, it wasn’t too bad. :)

The entree which I regretted

Tasty Glazed Duck

3. Wine Tasting at Montalto Estate Winery
After a fine meal, we needed wine. Lol. Montalto is just one of the many wineries in the area. I brought home 3 bottles of wine; Moscato, Late Harvest and Pinot Noir. I like the Late Harvest because it’s very light and can be consumed anytime with any meal. I’m not a wine connoisseur but I do like to enjoy it.

2011 Penny Hill Moscato

4. Cheese Tasting at Red Hill Cheese
After meal, there is wine. After wine, there is cheese! Initially I thought they are going to show us how the cheese are made but no. (Just like how I thought we were going to see how the wine was made but no). We ordered a cheese platter and tasted them. It was relaxing and pretty enjoyable. Most of the cheese are too pungent for my liking but in general they are fine.

Clockwise: the flavor gets stronger.

5. Mornington Peninsula Brewery
… and of course how can we miss out a trip to the brewery! Okay, we didn’t get to see the how they brew the beer but at least we gulped the beers to cool ourselves.

Save water. Drink Beer!

6. Frankston Pier
We took a walk here. The wind was gushing and the sun was shining so ever brightly! It was a lovely day.

The pier

7. Dinner at Mabrown, Balwyn.
We’ve had a long day trying all sorts of things and nonstop eating. Our final stop is dinner at Mabrown. This restaurant is famous for its quail and we had to order it the night before. We ordered 8 quails and other dishes to go along. The quails are indeed top-notch! The patrons here are all Asians and it has a very Chinese feeling to it.

Quails ftw!!


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