If words could kill or heal.

I’m always amazed by singer songwriter who can pen and pour out their emotions into beautiful heartfelt lyrics and sing it with such anguish or contentment and sincerity that can move listeners and make them feel connected to the song.

I always thought and believed that it’s easier to write out sadness. Personally, I keep a secret diary that I write on whenever I’m feeling low and sometimes I would read them again and thought they are so well written I don’t believe I wrote them. I guess my sadness unleashes another side of me, one that is more creative than myself on fair mode. But even with heart-rending words I could not write song lyrics in a way that’s so honest and stirring… maybe I haven’t reached that stage yet or don’t have enough experiences. But for whatever it’s worth, I wouldn’t want to have to go through heartbreaks or emotional torment in order to write well. If becoming distressed is the only way to become great writer, I would rather just be a happy mediocre writer.

Anyway… I just got back from Rachael Yamagata’s concert and I’m amazed. Her songs are like beautiful sorrows, filled with agony, emotionally painful but relieving for the broken-hearted. If a broken heart can sing, it would sound just like any one of her songs. Watch the following video and you’ll get what I mean.


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