Empirical Ethnography.

Self-Absorption is a fatal disease. I knew it is bad but I didn’t realize it can be fatal. It’s like mental/emotional cancer. The only difference is with cancer you will feel the pain and realize you have it at some point. Whereas people with self-absorption usually have no clue of their condition, even when it caused them to live in perennial unhappiness.

I’ve seen two kinds of self-absorbed people. I called them the gods of universe and the victims of universe. The first kinds are those who think they are the most important beings in the whole world. The second are those who think life is only unfair to them and people are mistreating them all the time. In short, usually people with self-absorption are disgruntled about almost everything or seemingly unhappy all the time.

The good news is it’s never too late to recover from self-absorption and the cure is simple; Stop focussing on yourself and start paying attention to others. First step is to think back of what others have done for you. You will most likely be tempted to think about what you’ve done for them instead, but DON’T. Fight your self-absorption. In any case, there are people who genuinely care for you. Treasure and appreciate them before it’s too late.

The bad news is people with self-absorption sometimes have no clue that they are the ones with the disease. So no matter how much you try to speak out, it’s like playing piano to the cows (Chinese proverb). Oh well.

Having said all, I think everyone ought to have a healthy dose of self-absorption. Too little of it you’ll be a martyr with unknown cause and too much of it, you’ll be a prick. The key is to keep it moderate.

P.S: I am having my dosage of self-absorption by writing about all this. Blogs are probably the only place where reasonable amount of self-absorption is encouraged… is it not?



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