The Girl Who Travels.

I just read an article about why man should date a girl who travels. If you read the article and are interested in dating one, I am The Girl Who Travels.

This isn’t a self-promotion. Okay fine, it is. A little.

I am a traveller. I have lived away from my family and home country for more than half of my life. Also, I’ve spent a year in the most south end of the earth and stayed in a foreign country for a month with minimum language ability. I’d rather save up for traveling than buying expensive goods. So yes, I believe I’m qualified as a girl who travels.

up in the air!

The point I’m trying to make is everything written about the article is true. I can verify to that. People who travel extensively tend to see things in a more positive light. We don’t judge because we’ve come across and known so many sorts of people. We like to observe and appreciate every moment of life because life is a beautiful journey. We believe in goodness because we’ve seen and experienced them. If you think you’re a traveler but you don’t agree with me, you probably haven’t travelled enough or you’re a tourist, not a traveler or I may just be the girl who travels with extra positivity.

What I’m saying is that if you read the article and want to meet that kind of girl, you really should go for such girl. I’m not saying girls who travel are perfect but they have interesting stories and life that you would want to be part of and most people could use a little positivity from them. You don’t even have to date one, just befriend them. For myself, I have never ceased to be amaze with people who travel and tell me stories of their life. Speaking of which, I have a much older friend who have traveled so much that he got tired of it and simply wants to be anchored to one place. Unfortunately, I think that one place for him has passed away. Sad, but it’s water under the bridge now.

If you are a traveler, male or female, I would like to give a toast to you. Your spirit and courage to step beyond your comfort zone are inspirations to those who fear the unknown. Your ability to spread kindness as you go is the key to a beautiful world. In fact, you hold the key to a beautiful life. God bless your every journey and your every destination.

Your fellow traveler.


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