Oddly enough

Beauty and The Beast is showing on cinemas in 3D! It is my favorite Disney classic of all time. I’ve seen it countless times on VCD. I don’t know why I love it the most. It could be because of its setting in South of France. I’d really love to go there someday.
Also, I did an online “Which Disney Princess are you?” quiz and here’s what I got:

I'm Belle!

I’m Belle!

Perhaps the reason I like the movie so much because I could relate to Belle. My character is pretty similar to her; headstrong but kind-natured, free-spirited, curious and a little odd…. This is turning into a shameless self-description. At least I’m not claiming to be as beautiful as her. lol.

In any case, watch the animated movie in the cinema and recall your childhood fairytale through a different view! :)



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