Film Review 65: Beauty and The Beast (3D)

Beauty and The Beast is a timeless tale. People from my generation should have at least seen the movie or know the story. It made its first appearance on screen in 1991 and a decade later, it is now showing in 3D in cinemas. As a fan of the show, I was compelled to watch it just to have a good reminiscence of the classic animation. I didn’t expect myself to leave the cinema with a strong, renewed love for the movie which has now made its way into my list of favorite movies of all time.

One of the many reasons Beauty and The Beast are able to stay relevant to this date is because of its perpetual theme; Inner beauty and selfless love. In the world we live in, those two themes are often undervalued and overshadowed by superficial beauty and selfishness. Thus the story of Beauty and The Beast actually carries a deep message and brings flicker of hopes to this world. However, I don’t want to ruin the classical animation with heavy analysis of the story plot. Some movies are best to be enjoyed and let audiences feel good without bombarding with philosophical twists…. (Is that what I am doing with my review?)

Anyway, I just want to say that the 3D effect works in so many levels. I felt like I was watching pop-up moving images and it reminded me of my childhood days when I was mesmerized by pop-up storybooks. If you are like me, grew up with Disney classic stories, you should head down to the cinema just to be reminded of the good old tale that lasts through generations.

I can’t emphasis enough, I love the show. It brought laughter, tears, and the songs are close to my heart always. Shucks, I’m a sucker for this movie.

… I wouldn’t call this a proper review of the movie. So instead of a rating, I’m gonna leave you with a movie clip to remind you of the film again. Cheers!

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