Few days ago I was describing my personality to my very good friend and he said “You are a sentimental person.”

A sentimental person would often be known to be:
1. tending to indulge the emotions excessively
2. making a direct appeal to the emotions, esp. to romantic feelings
3. relating to or characterized by sentiment

To cut my crap, you know about new profile page design on Facebook right? Initially, being the sentimental person I am about changes, I intended to wait until my page inevitably changes. However, I guess it’s time to make a change before the change imposes itself on me.

So, I have switched to timeline! and I actually like the way my page looks better now. So much for thinking negatively about the timeline. I love the cover photo function. It’s an additional page to get creative. Welcome to timeline to every facebook-ers!

Imelda Lee


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