Ignorance is bliss

Sometimes ignorance really is a bliss. If not why would God not want Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil? I’m sure it’s not because God didn’t want human to posses the knowledge but rather because He knows what it will do to us.

In the garden of Eden

When we know less we tend to be happier, even if some would call it delusional. Then again if we all have less knowledge then no one would think it’s a delusion and we will all be happy. The more knowledge we have, the more we tend to over think or be overly worried about the future. I’m not saying knowledge is bad because knowledge will sometimes bring you further than you can imagine and it propels you to do beyond what you would do if you hadn’t had the knowledge. Then again, knowledge sometimes just complicates things. Like what I am doing right now.

The way I see it is like this: In the beginning, ignorance is bliss. However, because human now have the knowledge to differentiate good and evil, being ignorant is not as blissful as it used to be. Since everyone, or at least most people, has the knowledge, you have to outsmart the other person at times or you have to be aware of certain things. Then again, sometimes when you have too much information, you just need to shove everything aside and simplify your mind. Ignorance does not mean not caring, but it just means that you don’t let situations affect you if it’s gonna cause you unhappiness. But you have to be careful not to ignore a problem that will keep appearing if it keeps getting ignored. That is not ignorance. That’s running away from problem. I am not to sure how to go on explaining but I’m sure if I were to go on writing, this will turn out to be a post that will lead you to sleep.

In conclusion, I guess whatever situation we’re in just take a moment to not think and let everything rest in God’s hands. Simply take three deep breaths and plunge in. :)



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