Common Interview Questions.

I’ve been going for few interviews recently and I have this love-hate relationship with interview. I love it because it’s the door to opportunities and I get to meet and talk with people who know their stuffs. I hate it because often I don’t how to answer the questions that they asked. It’s not that I don’t know the answer, but I always wonder if should I try to sell my qualities or tell them what they want to hear or what? If I could answer them the way I want to, this is how my interview will be like:

1. Tell me about yourself.

“I am a traveller. I am a cat. I live in the world that’s full of complicated stuff but all I really wanna do is just grow one step at a time. I can be ridiculously optimistic at times, and I can be overly paranoid at times. It all depends on the mood. I can get a bit sentimental but I’m trying to work on that. I like to be objective with my point of view because somehow I can see the reasons behind every actions that people do. I am quirky yet ordinary but I am extraordinary because I see beyond. I don’t like to brag but I like to say things as it is. I am not the best but I will work hard to be. I just want to be happy in the end.”

2. What is your 5 years plan?

“I don’t have any specific plan. I just live for today or, at max, for the month. I like to keep myself financially sustainable for at least a year though. I only know in 5 years time I wanna create something and always feel a sense of pride and joy in having accomplished that something. I don’t know how I’m going to do it but that’s the goal. The means of getting there will vary according to situations I encounter along the way.”

3. What are your interest?

“Film, food, travel, languages. That’s about all. Ah, and all things nice.”

4. What will make you decide on which job you will take?

“I have to like the job, of course. The moment I step into the office, can I imagine myself working here. And the people but I have to wait till I start working to know. And salary. I need a good or at least decent pay.”

5. Tell me in more detail what exactly did you learn and do in school?

“I don’t know. I learn about life. I did learn about a couple of marketing stuff but seriously anyone could have learned it on their own. There’s nothing fancy because unlike accounting or graphic design where you will be taught how to use certain software or formula, marketing is pretty much widely understood. I learnt strategies, I learnt steps on how to analyze… maybe I just learn how to organize my thoughts better.”

This is so true.

Those are some examples on how my answers would be. I’m always caught between answering with my honest answer versus what seems appropriate and I ended up mixing both and sounding like a person with potential but confused about everything. The first interview I had was bad, I think I was lost at what I want to pursue. Subsequently, I gave up and just be myself. I’ve asked stupid questions, gave stupid answers, be a little too blunt and just voice out whatever I think. I still need to work on that. But surprisingly the responses I got have been pretty favorable. I have a fair share of job offers (So why are you still jobless? Is that what you’re thinking??). Interviewers somehow can sense if we’re worried or confuse and see if we can do the job or don’t. It’s all about the attitude that we have.

My point is, if you’re unsure you just have to be yourself. The fact that they call you for interview means you’re already qualify on papers so you just need to prove to them that you really are. Okay, you know what, I just came back from a bad second interview. I just wish I didn’t screw up too badly and that they are still willing to wait and hire me. On the other hand, if they don’t then I shall focus with the job that I’ve already agreed on. It’s a win-win situation really, but I’m just being overly paranoid which is why I am ranting here. I rant when I worry. I write it out to sort and calm my thoughts and be happier.

So a huge thanks for reading my worries! Fingers crossed for my good outcome. Whatever it is, I’m trusting that God will provide! :)

Hugs and kisses,


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