Film Review 66: The Lucky One

I’m a fan of Zac Efron because of his looks. Unfortunately, even with his utterly cool mannerisms, The Lucky One is a pain to watch.

Where shall I began? First, the story plot does not make sense. Nicholas Sparks is a great writer but I suspect somewhere in the process of adapting the novel into scripts some parts went missing. How could this guy so easily finds the girl in the photo? Also, the plot is actually pretty straightforward but it was strenuously dramatized for the sake of turning it into a melodrama. For example Logan (Zac Efron) walks all the way from Colorado to Hampton to find the girl. Romantic? No, that’s just senseless. After traveling so far why is it so difficult for him to tell the reason why he went to find Beth (Taylor Schilling)? Second, the dialogue is too tacky. There is one that goes something like “finding a picture like this in a war zone is like finding an angel in hell“. Okay maybe the dialogue won’t be as cheesy if it wasn’t paired with Efron’s bad acting. I hate to admit but Efron certainly needs to be more than just a flower pot. Third, the pace that the story unfolds is a little off. The introduction was too brief and thus it’s hard to relate to the traumatic war experiences that Logan went through. Later in the film, the relationship between the Logan and Beth develops too fast and it almost seems like Beth was just a lonely girl deprived of sex. I thought the film would have more depth if Beth has a strong, independent character or at least be more reasonable and less unsure of how to handle the situations. Furthermore, Taylor Schilling looks a bit too old to be paired up with boyish Zac Efron. They look more like siblings than a couple.

Couple? Doesn’t look like it.

Overall, I would say the movie certainly tries hard to live up to Nicholas Sparks’ previous adaptations and it clearly shows but unfortunately it turns out badly. The Lucky One is a pretentious film. It aims to be full of meaning, discussing the reason of happenstance. Yet at the end of the movie instead of feeling enlighten, I thought the movie has made fate sounds a lot more complicated then it is. In any case, I wouldn’t recommend this show. If there is anything good about it, it will be the soundtracks which are very much the kind of songs I listen to.

Mel says: 3/10


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