Reading up on Ethics.

I’m reading on an article on about pet owners who pay hefty sum to make clones of their beloved pets to replace them when they die. I’m not too surprised to read about pet cloning but I’m concerned that human is taking sentimental issue to a disturbing height. I reckon The common reason for cloned pets is because the owner has lost its pet and in order to overcome the grief they order clones that look exactly like their real pets, ignoring the fact that the cloned pet will have a different personality, to deny the death/loss of the real pet.

The First Cloned Cat

If you look at it this way; Supposed you have a partner, he/she dies and you can get a clone of your partner that looks exactly like him/her but behaves differently would you want to have it?…Darn, as soon as I type it I thought it sound like a brilliant idea. Maybe this is why people get clones. It saves so much hassle of being sad, depressed and having to move on. Also, you can keep the “original” and alter his/her personality to suits you better! The idea sounds so fantastic it must be morally incorrect. Let me get it straight. Cloning may sound like a brilliant idea for a second but when you think about it, it isn’t. Just like drugs abuse, cloning is a form of escapade that allows you to run away from reality and create an illusion that will make you feel good… for a while. I can guarantee quick fixes are not eternal. If human starts cloning what they lost, they will soon lose ability to deal with losses or how to handle their emotions and once they lose touch with their own dealings of emotion, human kind is doom. People will be so reliant on quick fixes, if they can’t get hold of the fix, they’ll perish without the ability to fight.

When this becomes normal, our world is doom.

It seems that human are constantly using science to create something that can alter fate, life, or natural occurrence that previously we thought only God can. However, even if we accomplished the impossible what does it prove? What does it do? and will human ever be satisfied? Human are always wanting to get more than what they can. First they wanted to clone cells, and pets, and children, and before you know it they might want to replicate the entire population. Where is the limit?

The desire to keep searching for answers is good. However, when the motivation is no longer to provide better living and becomes a dangerous obsession to prove something or achieve the unachievable, our whole mankind will be compromised.

I just hope it won’t happen while I’m still on Earth.



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