Writer’s Block

I was absent from here for almost two weeks. I have been wondering about what should I write, what can I write about that will interest you to stay tune to this blog despite my irregular updates. In short, I was experiencing writer’s block.

How to fill the empty page?!

It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about. In fact I’ve got so much opinions and life updates to share about that I don’t know how to choose what to write. I believe this writer’s block comes from one root problem; The tendency to think too much about how people are going to respond to what I’m going to write.

Before writing, I usually think about the topic and start to let my words flow. Some days I want to write a curse on someone, some days I want to bless the world, some day I want to crap and some days I want to voice my intellectual opinion (pretentious?). But every time I start writing, I imagine a person reading it and how he/she would judge me through what I’ve written, more than often I end up deleting the whole draft because I can’t risk someone forming bad impression on me based on my writings. I decided to play it safe. But I realized I can’t live like that. Well maybe I can, but I can’t live happily if I keep thinking of how people would judge my writing. People are free to have opinions and some might make ignorant comments, you just have to accept those pricks exist and get on with life.

If we let people’s opinion rule our lives, we will never be happy. First, “Haters gonna hate”. You may be the best at what you do, haters are still going to hate your work. You’ll be surprised how many haters live among us. Second, you have to know the difference between seeking people’s opinion and people’s acceptance. Many of us seek opinions to learn and improve ourselves but there are also many of us who gets extremely depressed when we hear bad feedback. If the latter is the case, you might be seeking for acceptance and not opinions. Be confident of yourself. It’s okay to be sad over bad review but don’t dwell on it. You don’t need people’s acceptance to be on top of the game, you just need their opinions. Third, there is no third. Just write.

Don’t stop. Just keep going.

If you think overcoming writer’s block is tough, just imagine you have no reader at all and start writing what you want to write. Even if your writer’s block comes from having no inspirations, just start writing. You’ll never know what started as crap may lead to exactly the piece you want to write about.



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