What are we working for?

Today I started my first full-time job. I was not assigned any task yet so I spent the day reading some materials over and over again till I fell asleep a couple of times. Fortunately no one saw me dozing off. I would have made a bad first impression. I left the office 30 minutes later than stated on the contract but everyone from the industry whom I know has warned me about the crazy hours. Yea let’s face it, I’m in an industry notorious for its grueling working hours.

When I first got the offer, I didn’t really think I could be part of this industry. I have always wanted to give it a try but always unsure if I’m qualified. This job was offered to me on a silver plate. I didn’t even apply for a position with the company but God always has His special way to open up doors that I didn’t even know existed.

My impression on the workplace, colleagues and the whole setting is fine. My only concern is the working hour. I’m not afraid of being exhausted but I am worried that I may not have time to write. The worry made me realized how much I love to write. Given the choice, I would take on a measly salary (ample for survival) working as a writer than a fat paycheck working as anything else. I’m not sure how I can start becoming a writer. It doesn’t necessarily has to be a stay-home writer kinda job. I am okay with coming to the office as a journalist or columnist or things like that. Basically, just let me write.

I hope someday God will open another unexpected door for me.

That’s about all I have to say today. It’s been a long day and I’m dead beat. I just want to sleep and get as much rest as I can. I can’t wait to go on a holiday.



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