Toughening Up.

Today I stayed in the office longer than usual because I had to wait for final approval. The work was running behind schedule and to save time, I sent the work to the printer prior to receiving approval. The printing people were on standby for a “go ahead” once I received the approval. Frustrating enough, there was a slight issue with the work (despite having been approved by the sponsor’s local representative). To get it review by another department will take another 1-2 days. In my line of work, 1-2 days can cost a person’s lifetime saving so the smart move is to re-do the whole process. Thus, I had to make the creative person stayed back to touch up the work. I also had to tell the printer that there won’t be printing today and they had to zip the files again tomorrow. Plus, tomorrow I will have to tell my production team to make new links for the work and tomorrow I will have to bother the publisher again for deadline extension. In simple terms, I am the bad news bearer.

(P.S: You can try guessing which industry I’m in and what I do)

George Clooney as bad news bearer in Up In The Air

I’m a person who is used to nice things. I tried to avoid conflict at all cost even if I ended up being the one who take all the shit. I would rather take the shit than having people getting unhappy by what I do/say. I dislike dealing with the “I feel bad because I’ve inconvenienced you” emotion. But I realize sometimes you just need to inconvenience people regardless of whether they are happy/unhappy about it, because it is the only way to get things done. Of course you don’t inconvenience people for your own selfish reason like if you can do something on your own, why bother someone who is busier than you? But if it is something that you cannot do and it is within the job scope of others then you should ask them. Be assertive. Do not hesitate or hold words back because you feel bad for having to deliver the unfavorable message. Remember you are only the bearer of bad news, you are NOT the bad news and you feeling bad about delivering the bad news is not helping because you still have to deliver it anyway. Just know that sometimes our job demands us to be the bearer of bad news, even a noble doctor has to deliver bad news sometimes.

I guess what I’ve really learnt today is to toughen up. If everyone is very happy with you all the time, there is a high chance that you are not a happy person deep inside because you’ve been taking far too much shit than you should. Do yourself a favor and spread the shit around. Everyone has a bucket that can sustain shit from other people. As long as you don’t fill it up to the brim, you’re good. I realize I’ve said a lot of ‘shit’ in this paragraph.

This is all for me today. I have to go to sleep and be ready to get things done tomorrow. :) Good night people!




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2 responses to “Toughening Up.

  1. MEL! I miss you!! Sorry for not meeting up yet, real soon kay!!! And your job sounds exciting hahah :) <3

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