Bubble-ing Faith.

Last night, after an intense episode at work, I headed to the theatre and barely made it 10-minutes-late in time to catch Fan Yang’s Gazillion Bubble Show. It’s not the kind of show I would go to but my friend who works for the event company offered a free ticket and I’m not one who turn down a free pass to the theatre. I love being in theatre. It matters not what I’m watching.

As it turns out, I’m sure the show was intended for children age 12 and below. More than half the audience were kids who were so excited to see gazillion bubbles floating across the hall they literally chase after them. Meanwhile, my friends and I got engaged in a discussion about the science behind what causes the bubble to stay that long. We weren’t as fascinated with the performance as we were with the technology behind it. I wonder when did I become so obsess with the science and facts that I forgot to enjoy what is right before the eyes? And so for the rest of the show, I figuring out the scientific facts and let myself be bedazzled by the mysterious bubbles.

It’s a lot like love isn’t it? There are times when you wonder so much about how could you fall for this person or how could this person fall for you that you forgot to stop and just let yourself me immersed in the love. Sometimes we seek to find love but once we find it we get cynical. When I see something happens, sometimes my first reaction is to find out how could it happen. Maybe having a curious mind is good for self-improvement but when it comes to love that just shows one thing; Lack of faith.

What defines Faith.

In this age where people are so reliant on facts, I think faith in something we don’t understand is one of the most beautiful things we can choose to own. I mean, there is no universally agreed explanation on love or happiness or God. It is something that people keep talking about but their existence is debatable. Faith is choosing to believe in something we don’t understand. Of course there’s a thin line between having faith and being dumb which is why people sometimes choose to have no faith to refrain themselves from being dumb which ironically makes them dumb for making that choice in the first place. (Readers, are you with me?)

Whatever situation you may be facing right now, remember to have a little faith because with faith comes conviction, and with conviction you can pretty much accomplish anything.

P.s: Then again sometimes just because you believe in it doesn’t mean it’s true! Tricky eh?



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