The key to attracting a strong number of readers to a blog is to have a focus; a central theme. My sister has a blog about weddings and she now is a wedding planner because a lot of her blog visitors requested for her help. As for this blog, I started it for film reviews and managed to attract fellow movie lovers, which I thought was really cool. (It would be a lie if I said I have not wished for people to visit my blog but I did not dare to expect the steady flow of traffic. Thank you very much!) However as I blogged on, I began updating inconsistently and often side-tracked to write about whatever I felt like. Although on the bright side, I have the impression that readers prefer to read my personal thoughts as compared to the film reviews (what’s wrong with my reviews?!).

Yes… I have since deviated to writing about whatever thoughts I have. If Carrie Bradshaw lived in this generation, I belive she would have been a relationship blogger and not a newspaper columnist. Wait, what was I writing about? Ah…. lack of focus and the tendency to steer away from the topic. Yes, that’s the problem. Okay, let’s get to next topic. (See what I mean?!)

Today I will be starting my french class again. I have no confidence in it but I will pick up where I left off in due time. I did a self-evaluation and realised that I am a fearless person. I do things that most people will likely to avoid and I am undated by the unknown or un-ventured. Or in other words, I am reckless. Fearless is just a positive way of looking at it. I do things that people are likely to avoid because they know what to avoid, whereas I’m like a curious cat that would die if I don’t try. Others just die when they try. Wait, where on earth am I going with all these ranting?

Curiosity written all over

See, if you write without a focus you will end up with rambles. If you live life without a focus you’ll end up nowhere. Every blog post needs a title. Everyone needs a focus; a lighthouse that one can look upon when the boat is rocking at sea. God is the centre of my focus and although I am still a very un-focussed person in general with the tendency to flip one page to another without reading through the whole passage, I know that I have a lighthouse. I just need to decided if I want my blog to be centred around films, random musing, relationships, or God. If you’ve been reading, I think that’s how the focus of my blog evolves from its establishment to date. So what exactly is the central theme of my blog?



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