I know The Amazing Spiderman is in cinema this week but I have no intention on catching it on the big screen. One reason because I think Andrew Garfield, no matter how adorable, is too skinny to wear the Spidey spandex. It’s a subjective and unfounded opinion but yes, for that reason I will only watch it through illegal download. Besides, I kinda thing Spiderman has lost its charm with its many sequels and predictable stories. If I go to watch Spiderman, I know what to expect and although the movie might be cool, it’s a bore to watch a movie which is made for the sole purpose of reeling in audiences (money) using a sure-to-win formula of making a popular superhero movie! Even if the movie will definitely succeed in bring in audiences, it uses the cheat sheet and it’s not challenging to find out how the film will be. I’ve seen the 3 Spiderman sequels and I don’t think I want to know more about this blue and red guy.

Skinny Spidey.

Recently we’ve had a stream of superheroes movie. How does one stand out from another? I’m not sure. To me they are all pretty much the same. I used to like a few better than the rest such as Xmen, Batman, etc but nowadays I think they are the same. It’s like eating the same food so often that even if you started out with liking it, you’ll end up having enough to not want to eat the same food for a while. So yeah, I’m not really in the mood to watch Spiderman for now but I’m sure I will watch it eventually. Either way doesn’t bother me.

Just to reassure, I’m not against The Amazing Spiderman. I have not seen it so how would I know if it’s good or not. But if any of you can relate to my feeling about all these superhero movie, let’s hope that there will be one superhero that will rescue us from our apathy towards the superhero movies. Could The Amazing Spiderman be it? He might be, but I highly doubt so.



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