The Science of Sleep.

I closed my eyes and had a dream.

In my dream you were out to win me back.
You even hijacked a bus with my family in it.
I was moved but did not want to fall too soon.
And then I got into a fight with my dad.
Which reminded me of how similar you were to him.
I couldn’t risk being with you to lose you again.
And you looked at me in silence.
We both know what it meant.

The scene changed.

A sushi chef came out from nowhere,
While making the sushi he told us:

We are like two sushis.
The mouth cannot fit two sushis together.
Only by slicing half of our ingredients,
and putting them together as one sushi,
We can then be eaten in one mouthful.

I woke up wondering,
How a dream so bizarre can be so profound and
How the making of sushi can demonstrate that philosophy.

Let’s call it The Sushi Philosophy.

There were Salmon and another green sushi.


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