Real Life Mystery Part 1

The world is filled with many unsolved mysteries. If we zoomed in to every person on this Earth, I think everyone has his/her own bizarre mysteries happening in their daily life. I’m going to share with you my life’s mysteries in a three-part series.

Mystery 1:

“How is it now that I’m earning money I end up with less money on my bank account than when I was unemployed?”

I have two hypothesis for this mystery.

1: As I grow older, my taste in life goes up and so does the cost of obtaining them. My appreciation for finer things in life increases as I began to learn the importance of feeding myself well and wearing clothes that fits nicely to my body. Speaking of which, I really need to stop being such a food snob and cut down on my food expenses! I am on the verge of bankruptcy and in no position to be choosy about what I eat and drink.

2: Now that I receive monthly pay, I took it for granted that the money will roll in every month and spend like the well will never run dry. I have no savings. If I continue this psychology for the long run it is going to be detrimental. I have to learn to put aside an amount to be saved up.

Money, Why You No Grow On Trees?

So yes, perhaps this mystery is not a real mystery after all. I just need to control my expenses and better managed my finances (Why I cannot seem to do so is the real mystery here)I haven’t got much choice really. I gotta tighten my belt and be disciplined in my spending! *hold a deep breath*


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