Real Life Mystery Part 2

Mystery 2:

“How is it that I never seem to have enough time even when I have nothing to do?”

Time management is clearly the root of this problem. But really, sometimes it’s not about managing time. I’ve planned out my days well but there are spontaneous outings or activities. I slot everything into my schedule and ended up having a full week when at the start, it should have been a relaxing week. Sometimes I suspect that I do not know how to plan well, like when to utilise my energy and when to recharge. I just keep on piling appointments to my schedule and before I knew it, I’m over-commiting and straining myself.

Sometimes I get the wrong impression that I cannot stop. My sister is such a character. She can never stop and not do anything. She always needs something to keep herself busy and achieve. I don’t. I am fine with having lazy days, and yet I don’t seem to prioritise the resting time. It’s like I have conflicting selves that values nothingness and busyness. Some days I know not what I am doing. Like right now, what is it exactly that I am rambling about?

My friends commented that I have a lot of little things to do like meeting visiting friends from overseas, running errands such as taking care of cats or claiming a package from the post office, etc. I seem to have never-ending tasks to attend to. I don’t know if I don’t have enough time because I have too many things to do or because I have a poor time management. Am I trying to avoid having a quiet time? This is a mystery. I will let you know if I managed to find time to actually solve it.



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