Pretty Pictures on The Wall.

I have neither gone to the cinema nor watch a DVD for a very long time, which is why I have not been reviewing any movie yet. The reason being I have not set aside time for movies and even if I do I’m not sure who should I go to the cinema with. This is a sign that I need to find a someone; a boyfriend or a movie partner.

Anyway, dividing time has been a problem. I should have known the life of a working adult is as such:

If I were to meet friends after work, I would be left with no time for hobby and interest which is why I choose to blog at work… I shouldn’t make it a permanent solution.

Meanwhile, if you cannot find me here, you can probably find me reblogging pretty photos on my tumblr site. I’ve been introduced to tumblr by a colleague and been taking stealthy glances at pretty photos online.

snapshot of my tumblr


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