i’m glad you are here.

Dearest Muse,

Hello. Are you there? Feels like it’s been ages since I have you. I don’t know if I should be worried but I’m writing this hoping that you would come back. I don’t know if you are in hiding or I’m being distracted from you or you are watching me from far waiting for me to get my act back together. At this point I have no idea about many things. But here I am rambling. Maybe I’m desperate to have you back and hoping that by writing to you, you would somehow make your way back into my head. Are you still in there? Tell me, what can I do to make you appear? I know you’re still there somewhere but I might have lost you somehow. Now I’m tracing back my path hoping to find you, just in case I’ve lost you. If you’re reading please show yourself because I won’t stop till I find you again.

I know someday I will.

With love,

P.S: Why do I get the feeling one day I’m gonna adopt a cat and name it Muse?

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