Dark Monday.

I could well be in hiding. I’m still here but I’m taking time off from the world.

I have stopped listening to music. My friends think it is strange how I could give music up, but I am giving it up. I don’t listen to radio. I don’t play my iTunes and my iPod is covered in dust. I have to do so because I cannot listen to music without feeling emotionally vulnerable to the lyrics.
I hate how every heart-broken songs breaks my heart.
It seemed easier to give up music than to give up the person for whom my heart breaks.

Now I may have to stop reading the news. Part of my job scope is to browse through newspapers looking out for competitors’ advertisements. I used to enjoy coming to the office in the morning, making myself a cup of tea and reading the news slowly while looking out for those ads (and getting paid to do so!). However, lately the news are getting distressing. Honorary killing*, maid abuse, sex tapes, celebrity break-ups, whatnot. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’re all living in this world where evil versus good really exists and real superheroes are needed.

Why do I feel so heavy today?

Maybe I just need some time to figure out.

But have I not taken enough time off?

Maybe I just need to travel and get reacquainted with the world.


No matter what the news say.


*There shouldn’t be such thing as honorary killing. Killing is murderous act. It’s mortifying. Honorary killing is an oxymoron.


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One response to “Dark Monday.

  1. widyaliem

    waw… being paid to read newspaper and drink a cup of tea everyday.. how bliss.. kekekeke

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