Film Review 67: Ted

Little girls grow up watching fairy tales and wanting to become a princess.
I wonder do men watch Ted and hope to find a Ted-like buddy?

Ted is like a fairy tale for men. Assuming it’s a man’s dream to have hot girlfriend like Mila Kunis and a crazy buddy like Ted co-existing in his life. I don’t normally go for male-oriented comedy because they’re usually loaded with crude jokes that I don’t get. When a male friend suggested watching this film, he told me it’s about a teddy bear coming to life and I immediately jumped at it. He left the part about the bear becoming a vulgar, pot-smoking bum till I agreed to watch. I’m glad he did that though. If not I would have missed this funny show that somehow blends Cinderella Story and Jackass movie together and entertains both male and female audiences.

Ted is voiced by Seth MacFarlane the dude from Family Guy, who also produced and co-write this film. He clearly is the centre of this show. Ted is a lot like Peter Griffin. He is brassy and politically incorrect but he can be a family guy which makes him annoying but adorable. Although, I do believe if Ted is replaced by a human character I would think he is a total asshole. This film is great because it has a sense of humour that caters to everyone. Ted might be a jackass but he tells things as it is and doesn’t mind self-depreciating jokes, that makes him kinda cute. Plus, how can you not fall for fluffy talking bear?? (even if it’s a rude one).

If you’re looking for film that you and your partner can both enjoy, pick this one. (Psst, the movie saves its best joke for the last.)

Mel says:7/10

Disclaimer: There are 5 drafts sitting on my dashboard. I’ve been wanting to review this film but it’s been so long since I wrote a review. People say writing is like breathing or riding a bicycle. Once you have the skill, even if you have not ride for a long time, you’ll know how to move forward once you step on the pedal. That apparently doesn’t apply to me. So please excuse if my review is rusty… However you call it.

Ciao! :)


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