Film Review 68: The Five Years Engagement (2012)

I’ve recently taken a huge liking for romantic films, especially the ones that make you cry not too much but enough to release a dose of emotion. Although I did not cry or laugh out loud watching this film, there’s a sweetness that warms the heart.

Violet and Tom was in a relationship for a year before deciding to get married. Just as they are planning for the wedding Violet gets accepted into a two-years Social Psychology course in the University of Michigan. Tom, knowing how much it will help Violet in her career, agrees to put off their wedding and move to Michigan. However, as things happen one after another, their wedding continues to get deferred and their relationship becomes estranged. Will there be an end to their engagement?

It’s hard to find a rom-com that is just right. It is not too hilarious that it steers away from being romantic, and not too romantic-dramatic that it sweeps over you with heavy emotions. This film feels as real as life with its share of funny moments. The movie doesn’t shoots high-up or low-down, but it keeps at the right pace to keep audience connected to the procrastinating couple. A down-to-Earth storyline combines with talented actors such as Peter Segel (TV Series How I Met Your Mother) and Emily Blunt (Sunshine Cleaning, The Devil Wears Prada), this film has the right ingredients conflate in the right proportion. I am delighted with my choice of movie for a lazy evening after a quiet day in the office.

The Five Years Engagement is the movie that you should see if you’re not sure what you wanna watch but are looking to be entertained with a bit of romance and laughter.

Mel Says:6.8/10


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